Our Story

Ashkenazi family- the family farm.


Ashkenazi farm was established when the families of Ashkenazi and Ben-Basat immigrated to Israel at the beginning of the previous century, together with a group of Bulgarian pioneers, and in 1928 founded Beit Hanan settlement. It was there that Moshe of Ashkenazi family, and Levanna of Ben-Basat family, have met, married and started a farm.

They built a chicken coop for egg-laying chickens, a goat pen, and grew plantations and pecan orchards. And so, Levanna, who became a widow at a young age, has taken care of the farm and the pens for many years, and when she got older, the torch was passed on to her son Yossi and his spouse Rina. The couple took great care of the family farm, and along the road their son Moosh joined them, and as advised by his father, started planting olive groves in the farm lots.

Over the years the farm has grown and developed, and was added a small oil mill to manufacture oil from the farm's vineyards. Then it was decided to brand the oil and the name “Bad VeShemen “ vas given. Later, the name  "Jerusalem Olive Oil" was added for the premium Olive oil

In the year of 2016, due to the demand, the oil mill was expanded and upgraded, and today it can produce oil from up to 3 tons of olives per hour, and provide services for manufacturers from all over the country.

During the olive harvest, 3 generations are working together tirelessly-

Grandpa Yossi and grandma Rina;

Their son Moosh and his spouse Hani;

And the grandchildren Yuval, Paz and Hilly.


The oil mill.

About ten years ago, after a long period of experience in growing olives for oil manufacturing, we decided to found an oil mill that would produce oil from the olives of our vineyards.

So, we founded a small oil mill with a capacity of 250 kgs of olives per hour.

Over time, neighboring olive farmers have started to visit our small oil mill and enjoy its services.

The oil mill, "Bad VeShemen", has produced olive oil for farmers who won awards at contests both in Israel and around the world.

In the year of 2016, due to the demand, the oil mill was expanded and upgraded, and today it can produce oil from up to 3 tons of olives per hour, and provide services for manufacturers from all over the country.

"Bad VeShemen" is an advanced and modern oil mill, it is sterile and meets the highest standards and regulations. The mill is eco-friendly, making use of solar panels for electricity, as well as recycling the oil wastes in two methods: as combustion material, and for controlled scattering in the olive groves and other field crops.

"Bad VeShemen" manufactures olive oil in a unique and advanced process, which has won the product many awards in olive oil competitions both locally and worldwide. We work to produce olive oil of the upmost quality for our customers.

Over the years, the owners of the oil mill, Moosh and Hani have acquired extensive knowledge in the field of growing olive groves and manufacturing local olive oil.

They are professional olive oil tasting course graduates, certified international olive oil tasters by The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Agriculture Faculty, in approval of the International Olive Council (IOC). Both have taken part in many conferences and seminars on the entire field of olive oil, including growing olives, manufacturing olive oil, and improving the oil quality.

Both partook in numerous visits and professional tours in Israel and around the world to modern oil mills and olive oil manufacturers, in order to study, advance and lead the producing olive oil in Israel.


Our Olive Oil

Our olive oil is produced from olives of our own groves. The fertilization is made by the olive waste and bird manure from the family owned chicken coops. The oil is manufactured in a unique process of cold pressing, without the use of heat. Our olives undergo a pressing process without chemicals that yields pure and quality olive oil. The olive oil is rich in antioxidants and full of rich flavors, which makes it a perfect addition to any fine meal.


Bad VeShemen 

Extra virgin olive oil

We grow 3 cultivars in our olive groves:

Coratina, with dominant taste and smell, high bitterness and pungency.

Picholine, with a fruity aroma, low bitterness and medium pungency.

Barnea, with a leafy green aroma, low bitterness and pungency.



Our Premium Olive oil

A special edition of our olive oil, made of green olives that were harvested early, which keeps maximal health benefits.

A blend of Coratina and Barnea, with low 0.3% sourness, rich in flowers, tomatoes, olive branches and herbs aromas, an interesting complexity and a wonderful finish.


   Popey & Olive Oil

Espeatily For Children

We care about the health of our children, so we are happy to serve you the popeye & olive oil series Extra virgin olive oil.

A delicate fruity blend produced from our olive groves and tailored to the taste of children.

Recommended to consume from an early age

❤ Served with love for good health ❤



Jerusalem Olive Oil

Our seasoned olive oil

It was the Italians, in fact, who started this trend by throwing lemons into the oil mill's machines at the end of the season, in order to clean the machines! Later they mixed it with olive oil and sold it as their famous "Lemonolio".

Our fused olive oil is produced in a unique method by adding the additive right at the start of the pressing process, in the stage of grinding the olives. The olive paste is mixed together with the additive and go through the whole manufacturing process. By the end of the process we get olive oil with all the benefits, aromas and tastes of the additive, but without the juices. A wonderful, aromatic and pure oil.



The taste of Lemon married with our green

olives make for an unbelievably fresh fragrant

citrues flavored Lemon Olive Oil. This subtle

flavored olive oil will make fish, fowl and

salads taste amazing



Fresh basil is pressed with just-harvested

olives, crafting a blend fragrant with herbal

aromas and bursting with basil flavor. Our Basil

Extra Virgin Olive oil is simply heavenly for

bread dipping, sandwich spreads, Caprese

salad, tossed salads with balsamic vinegar,

and drizzled over pasta. If you love pesto and

the rich flavor of basil, you’ll really want to try




The smoky flavor of our Chipotle Olive Oil is

great for marinating steaks or brushing on

grilled chicken & fish. Drizzle over grilled/

roasted vegetables or pizza for a spicy meal!

Give steamed rice a kick! Excellent as a

dipping oil for artisan breads or as a finishing

oil for soups or pasta.



Intense aromas of citrus, orange zest and green citrus flavors.

 Our kumquat olive oil is especially suitable as a supplement for chicken marinade, to drizzle on a cheese plate.  Great for baking cakes or cookies and perfect for adding in a fruit salad.

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